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Monday, November 28, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Homelessness... There is Help... Contact Me Today!

Tonight as I watched 60 minutes, I listened about how 1/3 of the homeless population is in Florida, and I heard a father talk about how he stays up all night in an emergency room parking lot.

He sits on a tiny cooler, guarding the only food his family has, while his wife and children sleep in their small car. They park there hoping for safety, to have accessible restrooms when they need to relieve themselves, and so the children can have a place to brush their teeth and wash up for school. The father has lost his job, they have run out of options.

The National Coalition for the Homeless reports that there are 440,000 homeless children that attend public schools.

                                                I say why does this happen
                                              in America?                                            

                                  If you are homeless, 
                              have access to a computer,
                                        see this post
                                        and want help...

                              Please contact me today!
                                or comment on this post.

                                                There is help!
               For everyone else, please pass this on to whoever and
                             wherever you can... Thank you.

Deborah Ryan 11/28/2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Bella B's Bows

Bella B's Bows
What a lovely Christmas gift idea and so affordably priced!

Making afforable bows for your
                                                                                          adorable little girls
Deborah Ryan 11/23/2011

Iamwonderingabout... Unique Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

                          Six Unique Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

#1 - Volunteer to stay at a children’s home while regularly scheduled workers take the day off. *This may require previous volunteer experience in order to qualify for this opportunity, due to security issues.

#2 - Visit a hospital or nursing facility and take patients or residents a small gift or just drop by to talk and say “Happy Thanksgiving.”

#3 - Deliver Thanksgiving Dinner to someone who may be spending the time alone or perhaps may not have funds to buy food for a hearty Thanksgiving Meal.

#4 - Call, email or text someone you have experienced a conflict with previously. Apologize, ask forgiveness or just reconnect in a positive way if you can do this with sincerity.

#5 - Buy a Thanksgiving gift for someone in need and take it to them.

#6 - Spend some time alone to reflect on your life, your world, your country, your state, your family, your job, etc. Set goals for a year, a month or a day.

Deborah Ryan 11/23/2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... The Blind Cafe

Amazing! Spatial Awareness
Community Concert and Dinner in the Dark
Where & When:  scheduled for Jan 26,27 and 28  Austin TX
                                               Feb 16 and 17         Santa Cruz CA
                                               Spring 2012 in Portland, OR and Seattle WA

From website -
"The Blind Cafe is a mind bending / heart opening experience where the audience will dine, particpate in a Q & A with their blind wait staff and enjoy a concert of orginal music by Rosh & One Eye Glass Broken... in pitch-dark!"

I had the privilege to come across this site recently and I am now passing this onto you.
I want to encourage anyone who has the opportunity, to checkout this experience.
It is said to help you understand more about yourself and others, as you depend on one another.

Great experience for a special date, such as an anniversary.

I have a special friend who is legally deaf and blind, Stephanie. Stephanie has inspired me through many experiences. Thank you Stephanie for showing me more of what the world is all about.

Deborah Ryan  11/20/2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Nourishing Winter Skin

Nourish Your Winter Skin   - 5 great winter gear items for you
Healthy skin only comes from taking care of your skin.
 This means taking care of your body inside and out. Eating healthy, exercising and living an overall  
 healthy life.

Winter can be harsh on your skin. When the temperature drops, skin tends to dry out. It is important for your skin’s sake, to prepare yourself with a bit of winter skin gear. Here are five gear items to keep in mind.

Winter skin gear item #1    Healthy nutritious veggies    - (see my previous post)
Winter skin gear item #2    Topical Vitamin A    - stimulates collagen production, renews the skin  
Winter skin gear item#3     Nutrient rich moisturizers       
Winter skin gear item #4    Safe and effective skin care
Winter skin gear item#5     Facial workouts       - tone and tighten for always-beautiful skin

After viewing a great website about skin care, I asked Victoria Girard, the owner, if I might refer folks to check out her site, I encourage you to view and bookmark her page, to refer back to regularly. Just hover over the highlighted site name above. It’s the way to great skin! Happy Winter!

Deborah Ryan 11/14/2011 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Healthy Living With Nutritious Vegetables

Right now is a great time to prepare your garden for next spring and evaluate tools needed. During the winter, plan to order seeds.

Nutritious vegetables are essential to healthy living. Statistics show that on a daily basis, over half of America's population does not eat vegetables at all. It has been proven in research that healthy veggies can extend the length and overall quality of human life. By increasing intake of healthy veggies, especially those in the Category A list below, there is reduced risk for obesity, type two diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer and other chronic illnesses. An even greater benefit from healthy vegetables is received when they are organically grown, not having chemical treatments. Additionally, eating homegrown vegetables can be assurance of peak freshness, maximizing nutritional value.

Growing a garden is not magic, nor is it hard. It is about applying growing techniques and methods for a successful crop of produce. Using a vegetable garden guide that provides planting, growing and harvesting guide steps, can be an invaluable tool to grow a healthy, productive garden. The list below puts healthy vegetables into three categories. Category A‘s vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. The B category is a good healthy choice and category C vegetables are highly glycemic, very starchy or high in calories. Some fruits, such as peppers, squash and tomatoes, which are not actually vegetables, are included on the list, since they are generally thought of as such, and they are indeed good for healthy living. In addition, though often thought of as a vegetable, corn is actually a grain; therefore, it is not included in the list.

Category A
Alfalfa sprouts
Bean sprouts
Beet Greens
Bell Peppers
Bok choy
Brussels sprouts
Chard (Swiss & red)
Chinese cabbage
Collard greens
Green onions
Green peas
Lettuce, red or green
Mustard Greens
Snow Peas
Soy beans
Summer squash
Sweet potato & yam
Tomato, cherry
Turnip greens
Winter squash

Category B
Artichoke Hearts
Chile peppers
Green beans
Kidney beans
Lemon grass
Lentil beans
Navy Beans
Split Peas

Category C
Bamboo shoots
Lettuce (iceberg)
Lima beans
Potato (white)
Water chestnuts


Eating nutritious vegetables is essential to a healthy life. Incorporating them into a balanced diet and placing vegetables as a high priority food choice has been shown in studies to reduce many health risks. Growing or purchasing organic vegetables provides for the highest amount of nutritional value.

~ Deborah Ryan  11/10/11

Monday, November 7, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Why Vote?

WHY Vote???

  • Voting is your voice
  • If you don't place your vote, you may lose your right to
  • To honor those who sacrificed their freedom, so that you may have yours
  • Because it is a gift
  • To show your self and others that you care, the "I don't cares," have won enough
  • Because you are a role model for others in your life and influence
  • To further democracy

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Must READ! QR Codes and NFC


QR Codes Are Here… NFC is Following Closely - Everywhere

Earlier this year, Google Places announced that it is no longer going to support Quick Response (QR) Codes. They are however, gearing up for Near Field Communications (NFC). So, what are QR Codes and Near Field Communications and where did they come from?

QR Codes are a type of barcode that contains information, only super-size that bar code about 4,000 times, as far as the data, it can hold. All that information put into a small tiny square that looks like many white spaces, curly swirls, maze paths and patches of squares. If you look and observe closely, you can find these codes in magazines, store displays, etc.; and if you have a smartphone with a good QR reader, you can open up your app, scan it with your cell phone, and you are then, directed to a website that offers special product info, coupons and more, all for the keeping.

Is this all-new technology? For some yes, but Asia and Europe have used these QR Codes for over a decade. It is widely catching on in the United States; however, with NFC on the rise and in position to replace QR Codes, it may become obsolete, even before the majority of the US population knows it exists. The plus for QR Codes though, is the expense factor. NFC is more expensive to implement.

In 1994, Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, created QR Codes to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. QR Codes have made their debut, with a foothold, in the U.S., but NFC is hot on its heels. Manufacturers of cell phones, as well as, thousands more products are getting ready to adopt the NFC technology with open arms.

NFC is enormously, more powerful than QR Codes. It is the communication of two computer chips placed within four centimeters of each other. One chip is in your phone, embedded, not an app. The other might be on a poster, a checkout scanner, a menu; another person’s phone…the list only ends where the imagination stops. Once in place, virtually every imaginable electronic transaction or communication can take place by NFC. Tracking everywhere you go, everything you do, letting you order and pay by phone, quickly transfer money, check out a book, get quick information and instantly call a friend… NFC becomes your lifeline.

Full implementation of NFC means that many changes must take place, with security features and privacy issues, before the citizens of the United States are ready to accept this new technology, whole-heartedly. QR Codes are preparation for NFC, no doubt. An interesting stage is being set of which the world has never seen. Both QR Codes and NFC have their strengths and their weaknesses, their pros and their cons, their lovers and their haters…their moves toward tomorrow are setting a new pace, with the power to change everything, everywhere.

The good news is that the Creator is still in control and watches every move. None of this slips under, over or around His radar. It has a place in His plans for the coming days. No matter what happens, it will be OKAY.  

 P.S. My favorite part is Twila Paris' song "God is in Control." Click on Creator is still in control above in the article. Enjoy!