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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Unique Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

                          Six Unique Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

#1 - Volunteer to stay at a children’s home while regularly scheduled workers take the day off. *This may require previous volunteer experience in order to qualify for this opportunity, due to security issues.

#2 - Visit a hospital or nursing facility and take patients or residents a small gift or just drop by to talk and say “Happy Thanksgiving.”

#3 - Deliver Thanksgiving Dinner to someone who may be spending the time alone or perhaps may not have funds to buy food for a hearty Thanksgiving Meal.

#4 - Call, email or text someone you have experienced a conflict with previously. Apologize, ask forgiveness or just reconnect in a positive way if you can do this with sincerity.

#5 - Buy a Thanksgiving gift for someone in need and take it to them.

#6 - Spend some time alone to reflect on your life, your world, your country, your state, your family, your job, etc. Set goals for a year, a month or a day.

Deborah Ryan 11/23/2011

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