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Monday, November 14, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Nourishing Winter Skin

Nourish Your Winter Skin   - 5 great winter gear items for you
Healthy skin only comes from taking care of your skin.
 This means taking care of your body inside and out. Eating healthy, exercising and living an overall  
 healthy life.

Winter can be harsh on your skin. When the temperature drops, skin tends to dry out. It is important for your skin’s sake, to prepare yourself with a bit of winter skin gear. Here are five gear items to keep in mind.

Winter skin gear item #1    Healthy nutritious veggies    - (see my previous post)
Winter skin gear item #2    Topical Vitamin A    - stimulates collagen production, renews the skin  
Winter skin gear item#3     Nutrient rich moisturizers       
Winter skin gear item #4    Safe and effective skin care
Winter skin gear item#5     Facial workouts       - tone and tighten for always-beautiful skin

After viewing a great website about skin care, I asked Victoria Girard, the owner, if I might refer folks to check out her site, I encourage you to view and bookmark her page, to refer back to regularly. Just hover over the highlighted site name above. It’s the way to great skin! Happy Winter!

Deborah Ryan 11/14/2011 

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