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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Must READ! QR Codes and NFC


QR Codes Are Here… NFC is Following Closely - Everywhere

Earlier this year, Google Places announced that it is no longer going to support Quick Response (QR) Codes. They are however, gearing up for Near Field Communications (NFC). So, what are QR Codes and Near Field Communications and where did they come from?

QR Codes are a type of barcode that contains information, only super-size that bar code about 4,000 times, as far as the data, it can hold. All that information put into a small tiny square that looks like many white spaces, curly swirls, maze paths and patches of squares. If you look and observe closely, you can find these codes in magazines, store displays, etc.; and if you have a smartphone with a good QR reader, you can open up your app, scan it with your cell phone, and you are then, directed to a website that offers special product info, coupons and more, all for the keeping.

Is this all-new technology? For some yes, but Asia and Europe have used these QR Codes for over a decade. It is widely catching on in the United States; however, with NFC on the rise and in position to replace QR Codes, it may become obsolete, even before the majority of the US population knows it exists. The plus for QR Codes though, is the expense factor. NFC is more expensive to implement.

In 1994, Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, created QR Codes to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. QR Codes have made their debut, with a foothold, in the U.S., but NFC is hot on its heels. Manufacturers of cell phones, as well as, thousands more products are getting ready to adopt the NFC technology with open arms.

NFC is enormously, more powerful than QR Codes. It is the communication of two computer chips placed within four centimeters of each other. One chip is in your phone, embedded, not an app. The other might be on a poster, a checkout scanner, a menu; another person’s phone…the list only ends where the imagination stops. Once in place, virtually every imaginable electronic transaction or communication can take place by NFC. Tracking everywhere you go, everything you do, letting you order and pay by phone, quickly transfer money, check out a book, get quick information and instantly call a friend… NFC becomes your lifeline.

Full implementation of NFC means that many changes must take place, with security features and privacy issues, before the citizens of the United States are ready to accept this new technology, whole-heartedly. QR Codes are preparation for NFC, no doubt. An interesting stage is being set of which the world has never seen. Both QR Codes and NFC have their strengths and their weaknesses, their pros and their cons, their lovers and their haters…their moves toward tomorrow are setting a new pace, with the power to change everything, everywhere.

The good news is that the Creator is still in control and watches every move. None of this slips under, over or around His radar. It has a place in His plans for the coming days. No matter what happens, it will be OKAY.  

 P.S. My favorite part is Twila Paris' song "God is in Control." Click on Creator is still in control above in the article. Enjoy!

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