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Friday, October 28, 2011

Iamwonderingabout ... Using Ceiling Fans in the Winter

Ceiling fans are wonderful luxuries that provide a cool "wind chill factor" breeze on a warm summer's day. Though sometimes overlooked, one of the best uses of these fans is to circulate air. Depending on the room size, the location of the air/heat source, the direction of the fan and the fan speed, the circulation of room air provides a better balance of heat/air, eliminating warm and cold spots and maximizes energy use for efficiency. A look at the benefits of a variable speed fan is an opportunity to learn how to them to produce quality, energy efficient heating or cooling and at the same time, save money.

Advances in microelectronics and control technology, within the past 10 years, make variable speed fans an excellent solution to effective air circulation. A high-speed setting is great for a fast, significant breeze to provide a quick feel cool down, but to push the warm air down from a high ceiling in the winter, use the medium speed in the updraft setting, the reversed fan direction; in contrast, in summer, for cooling, use the medium speed in the downdraft setting. If the ceiling is low, use the low speed setting and modify fan direction for summer or winter usage. If the fan does not have a reversible option, the low speed setting is the most consistently effective choice for circulation.

Using a variable-speed ceiling fan is an overlooked option that can provide a high quality, great comfort solution to heating and cooling needs and makes the flip of a switch, an easy way to take advantage of energy cost savings.

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