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Monday, November 28, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Homelessness... There is Help... Contact Me Today!

Tonight as I watched 60 minutes, I listened about how 1/3 of the homeless population is in Florida, and I heard a father talk about how he stays up all night in an emergency room parking lot.

He sits on a tiny cooler, guarding the only food his family has, while his wife and children sleep in their small car. They park there hoping for safety, to have accessible restrooms when they need to relieve themselves, and so the children can have a place to brush their teeth and wash up for school. The father has lost his job, they have run out of options.

The National Coalition for the Homeless reports that there are 440,000 homeless children that attend public schools.

                                                I say why does this happen
                                              in America?                                            

                                  If you are homeless, 
                              have access to a computer,
                                        see this post
                                        and want help...

                              Please contact me today!
                                or comment on this post.

                                                There is help!
               For everyone else, please pass this on to whoever and
                             wherever you can... Thank you.

Deborah Ryan 11/28/2011

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