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Friday, February 10, 2012

"Our Life Together" Read about the NEW BOOK!

The following is a guest post by Krystal Newton. Krystal has encouraged me in my blog writing since early in its beginning. I have cherished her thoughtful comments and have asked her to contribute a guest post about an exciting new book, new business, new adventure and new chapter of her life.
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 Krystal's bloglink is always here in the side bar under My Favorite Links. I invite readers to comment here below her post and to follow her over to her blog "All My Writes and Wrongs" to learn more about the book, its future partner with Facebook and her beautiful family.

One night when my husband and I were first dating, we decided for the first time not to go out for dinner or a movie or gallivanting around town the way newly-dating couples often do.  Ok, he decided.  I went along with it because he was “oh so dreamy!”  I remember hearing the words, “Let’s just stay in tonight” and thinking, “Oh.  So, we’re already there, are we?” 

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 That stage in a relationship where you’re comfortable enough to spend the evening sitting near one another in your pajamas, watching television and stuffing your face with cheese puffs.  I was so mistaken!  It was actually one of our most romantic dates ever, and definitely one where we learned the most about one another.  Evan had spent who knows how long coming up with a list of questions for us to ask each other, and ask we did.  We got cozy on the couch, drank some wine and learned so much about each other from our shoe sizes to our goals and dreams.  It was amazing how just a simple list of questions really helped us open up and talk about things we may not have talked about otherwise, so Evan thought how amazing it would be for more couples to do this!

Over the next few months the list of questions became a book of questions.  Then came sections for journaling and adding pictures.  A few years later his project has finally begun to come to fruition; the book has been printed under the title Our Life Together.  He has started a company called Our Life, which is partnering with Facebook, and they are taking the book to another level by allowing people to customize their own book online using their own personal photos.  Once you visit the site, you can automatically connect to your Facebook account, and up to 1,800 photos from your Facebook albums will instantly populate throughout your book.  You can add photos from your computer as well, and from there you can move the photos around as you please, print your book then begin filling it out with your partner!

We’re so happy to finally be getting this book out there because we know people will love it, and there really isn’t anything out there like this.  It’s just a fun way for couples to get to know one another, or if they’ve been together for a while, spend time together recording memories and journaling their experiences.  I love recording special moments, and when our children are older I’d love to share some of those with them.

If you would like to check out the book and customize your own you can visit  My blog is also giving away two free books for those who leave a comment about what they think of the Our Life website by Valentine’s Day.


  1. This is a very creative idea and an excellent use of technology! And, what a cute couple and family! :)

  2. Absolutely think this book is so great! I cannot wait to do this with my husband. Takes you back to the basics!

  3. Thank you for your comments Lisa. Krystal's husband Evan has a great product here. I appreciate you stopping by I Am Wondering About and passing on the link to others. Deb
    I'd love to know what you wonder about ;)