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Monday, December 12, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... Wishing you a Christmas Bubble

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I wish for you a Christmas Bubble,
one so bright and clear.
A bubble full of just what you want:
that makes you smile and brings joy in your heart.

Twas not so long ago,
though it may seem a million years,
that a little babe was born in Bethlehem.
On that day, God came down;
He came from the bubble of Mary’s womb.

A bubble is self-contained,
Nothing can go in or out.
It is protected, warm, content.
Nothing is hidden in the bubble, all can see.

Perhaps you may wish for a bubble that holds a memory,
of a child, a spouse, a parent, a grandparent or a friend who is with you no more.
Or yet, a bubble may hold an exciting event,
one of a race won, a body healed, a birth, a first kiss or a wedding day.

May you hold on to your bubble, for an entire Christmas day,
caressing it, possessing it.
May you then release the bubble, let it fly into the wind;
Remembering it was your bubble, and you let it go freely, you are at peace.

Deborah Ryan  12/12/2011

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