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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... 3 Simple Ways to Get What you Want

3 Simple Ways to Get What You Want

Is there something you really want? A job, a new friend, a new car… well, the only way to get it is to take action. These are all proven, effective ways to get what you want. Try them and see what happens.

              Hear me out on this one, please!

1.    Pray. Now the key here is to pray about what is best for you or for whomever you are praying. In order to do this, you must believe in the power you are praying to. Here, I am not trying to get super religious on you, just stating some information. If you are praying to the true God, you will find that your prayers are answered (it may be no sometimes or different than you might have planned, but you will know if they have been answered because you will have found peace, turning what you want into harmony with what God knows is best.) *Hint-having a relationship with God is essential.

2.    Work. This may seem like impossibility to you in economic hard times, but if
     you know where to look, there is work. To start with, there are online work
     sites that require no money or fee to use and you can start making money
     today doing legitimate work. Someone said recently that online work is the
     work of the future. If you cannot find them, email me at or leave me comment here on my blog.
     I can give you a few to get you started. Otherwise, ask others if they need
     help, research job boards, post your availability, with listed kills, at libraries,
     groceries or anywhere possible. Volunteer for a while at something you want
     to be paid for, if you just need something to do or until paid work is available. 
     Maybe at least they may feed you! This may also be a good time to clean 
     house and get rid of unwanted or unused items to sell for cash.

           In regard to anything that does not require money, like getting a new friend or
           finding a new job or a different place to shop… explore, network… create

3.    Ask. This may be all that is needed. It also may be that you need to ask the right source.

          If you would like to know more simple ways to get what you want, send a
          request to, leave a request in comments
          below or simply subscribe to my posts by email, here on the blog. Find these
          ideas useful? Please let me know.

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