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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Iamwonderingabout... 2012 Presidential Candidates

A Note to the 2012 Presidential Candidates

I encourage you to …

·    stand strong for your beliefs

·    have a gentle, compassionate,  but firm answer for every man

     ·    pray without ceasing

     ·    look in the mirror every day and remind yourself of everything
     that you have said, thought or done that could possibly be
     wrong (that it may keep you humble)

     ·    always attempt to have positive things to say about everyone
     (even while speaking the truth),

 ·    abhor lying

     ·    enjoy praising rather than condemning others

 ·    remember that a soft answer turns away wrath

 ·    point out your own faults more than others

 ·    recognize the need for a president that is meek, not weak

     ·    research why it is wrong to intentionally take the
          life of an unborn child, in the same way it is wrong to kill
          another person that has been born and is alive outside
          the womb (don’t we punish and imprison people for
          that in America?)

·    commit yourself to protect the unborn child

·    admit your mistakes and move forward with compassion

     ·    march to the beat of a different drum

     ·     compel others toward high standards

 ·     remember it is never too late to say
       “From this day forward, I will…”

·     always be willing to say that you are sorry

This list is not comprehensive, dear presidential candidate,
but it is a great beginning (though surely not popular and
would probably be judged foolish), in my opinion, for a
candidate to base their campaign on.

 May God help you as you walk your path,
and May He show you the path to the presidency.

 Deborah Ryan 12/11/11

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