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Monday, January 23, 2012

10 Thoughts to Freedom

With the world ablaze with turmoil, wouldn't it feel nice to think you are totally free?
I am no expert by any means, but I feel your pain.
How about we look at some steps that can help?. If you have some, why not share?
Please don't make me write this blog alone, I need you readers. Help me.
All of you from Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc.
Here, are my 10 thoughts to freedom.

1. Learn how to have peace. Peace is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
You know you are who you are. Accept who you are. Change what you can, do what you can.
Ask God to help you see what needs changing, but learn to be happy with you. Love you.

2. Don't sweat the small stuff. Really. You've heard that said maybe 3 billion times, right?
How many times do we not take our own advice. I'm guilty. Leaving it at the door of where it
should be is a great stress reducer. That goes for the big stuff too. Worry will not change one
anything, trust is what it's all about. Pure, plain, giving it all up and giving in.

3. Live below your means. You'll be a whole lot happier. Try it for long enough, you'll see. Be
like the lady who won lots of money, but gave almost all of it away. She didn't have to figure
out where to spend it and didn't have to manage it either. Stuff just gets stuffed somewhere
and it's hard to get rid of because it piles up and piles up and piles up. You know what I mean.
The kids and grandkids will remember more of the time you spent with them than the things
that you gave them. Besides, amazingly, living with less, you can find yourself giving more.

4. Get out of debt and live debt free. Hard one to practice, I know. I have been debt free and now I am not again. I am working my way out of some tough situations, but every day, I owe less than the day before and I will be there again. Even on the journey back, look back at where you have come from often. God didn't create slaves, he created them free. Let's both work at it.

5. Be transparent. You know it's hard to look through a dark colored glass and especially a brick wall. Open up and let people in that are trustworthy. I didn't say perfect, I said trustworthy. You know, like someone who won't cover your bed with tar or put pickle juice in your contact lens container. Being yourself is very liberating. It's okay to be a bit wild and crazy sometimes. This is me talking to myself as well. I know when I am transparent with the right people, there is freedom. Let's practice together.

6. Don't get caught up in office politics. There is no true benefit to anyone when you act that way and you certainly are tearing someone's life apart, word by word or action by action. Bullying comes in many places, school, work, social groups, etc. Every day, look in the mirror with humility and imagine yourself with absolutely nothing and noone to your name. That is how
someone who is bullied feels eventually. Try being humble, nice and compassionate, it is
liberating. I am not lashing out, I am just speaking truth. The world needs to stop making fun and criticizing for the sake of being "an insider" or to be in control. It is just not a great comment
to have on your resume at the "pearly gates." Sounds like I'm harping. Guess I am, but this
stinks! You have the power to get beyond that, so do it. :)

7. Find your passion and live it. Not always easy, actually usually not, and not always what you think it is initially. It may cost you all you have or it may bring you more than you ever dreamed of, but finding and living it is your purpose on earth. Great freedom. You know, you can have passion about living in a box, if you know that is where you're supposed to be.

8. Fall off a rock. Yep, that's what I said. Keep a good dose of humility in your life. Look around you and learn about someone else who is struggling far more than you. They are there. "I complained about not having the shoes I wanted until I met a man who had no feet." In ancient biblical times, people washed one another's feet in an act of humility. I should wash your feet. Just bring them over. ;)

9. Wash your mouth out. Do whatever it takes to speak the truth. We live in a day of deception built upon deception; lie upon lie... no one many times knows what the truth really is. Take a good soul cleansing, "the truth shall set you free." Go to your brother, your neighbour... whoever it needs to be and makes things right with them. Just try it, you'll see.

10. Take a walk. I'm guilty. I don't walk enough, but walking not only strengthens the body, it
refreshes your mind. There's something about being out in nature. Magnetic isn't it (well, unless
you live in an area of smog, stench, etc.), but even if you have to walk inside, it's walkin' and it is
still good for you.

Got some ways to find freedom? Disagree? Please share a comment below (just click on comments) or send me an email at This post is just sharing from my heart.

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