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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am wondering about ... what it would be like to have a "Reflection Day" in America

What could happen?

This past week, Yahoo hosted a live interview session with President Obama and ABC's George Stephanopoulos. Over 30,000 questions were submitted, of which a select few were addressed. One of the questions asked, but not addressed was, "Do you think a national "Reflection Day," to think of where we have come in America, to ask ourselves 'what each of us as individuals could do for America' and to set future goals would benefit our economy, our government and our strength as a people?"

The basis for this question was: "Life experience teaches us that any time a person or a people look back from where they have come, reflect on where they are now and decide how they can combine the past and the present together to set future goals, there are always some positive results that come from the experience."

Can you imagine - turning off your TV, your phone, your computer, your car, your distractions etc. and spending a whole day to write down pros and cons of past experiences, then evaluate where you are in your life at this moment and remember how you got there? Taking thought of what really matters in your life and doing a personal check up to see if you are on track and "pleased with your daily living." Finally, setting goals for yourself, your family, your community, state and national involvement, ending with a prioritized, organized summary and a follow up plan.

What could this mean for you? for those you influence?

In geometry, reflection has the same size as the original image. Every point is the same distance from the central or "mirror" line. What if we as American citizens were on the same page, as a united team that was unstoppable? Focused on whatever it took to aid each other, forgive each other, find a common ground to stand on with each other? Isn't that what made America great to begin with? Hm?...

This wonder has been answered, tomorrow brings another...

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