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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am wondering about... what it would be like to go to the Colorado Mountains

As a freelance writer who writes for an e-commerce website, I write and learn about many things each day. Today I was writing about the
Colorado Mountains. Writing about them, made me wonder... what
would it be like to go there?

From what I learned today, Colorado has 100 mountains, including
the Rocky Mountains, Pikes Peak and many others. In fact, everywhere you go in Colorado, you are surrounded by mountains.
With all the mountains, Colorado is considered to be an "outdoor adventurer's paradise."

As I read about the Rocky Mountains with elevations from 7,500 to 14.500 feet and how the park is divided by the Continental Divide, I felt in awe of God's beauty and I had not even seen it yet. I read on and longed to see the splendor of a starscape free of man-made light or to feel the exhilaration
of looking over the clouds; and though it may sound a bit weird, I even longed to hear the haunting night music of coyotes and bugling elk. Oh, what a vast domain of nature awaited me.

Thinking about more of what nature could have in store for me, I pondered about the skiing, biking, hiking, fishing, boating, walking, camping and more. I was tired from just reading, but it sounded so peaceful as I read the words.

I then thought about the weather. It snows a lot in Colorado in the winter. The snow is beautiful, but how much of the nature could I really enjoy in the winter? I believe summer would be a better season to visit these iconic mountains.

I enjoyed what little I learned today about the Colorado Mountains. I do want to go their some day, perhaps even stay for awhile, in a summer season. So much of life's landscape remains unknown, but maybe I shall.

This wonder has been answered, tomorrow brings another...

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